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“Audio has the ability to reach into

the subconscious and effect parts of

the brain that viewing images can’t.”

 - Ashley Kennedy, Columbia College Chicago

A WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE is the first content & campaign agency

that puts sound at the heart of the creative process. We develop brand songs, soundtracks, branded podcasts, soundlogos, audio stories &

tours; content that gets in your head, and goes straight to your heart.


We are a company of musicians, campaign makers, strategists,

composers, branded content specialists and writers. All with 10+ years of experience in music and campaigning.


LISTEN What's your sound? What gives your brand a heartbeat? Is it a feeling you want to trigger, or a message to bring across? Let’s make it a song, a soundtrack, or a recognizable audiologo. Could this be the centre

of your entire campaign? (Yes it can.) The glue for all content? (Again,

yes it can.)


PODCAST How about a series of good conversations? Intimate or fun

talks concerning the social relevance of your brand? With podcasts, the sky is the limit. After all, it's audio. "It’s safe to say we’re living in the golden age of podcasting." (Esquire, december 28th 2018)

IT STARTS WITH SOUND, then comes the campaign. At AWLP sound

is the starting point, the core of a campaign. Our distribution covers all channels. From social media to radio, TV partnerships to instore and PR, we create impact through sound idea and smart distribution.



Curious what sound can do for you?

tel. +31634297707 | email. beathe@awlp.nl